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Bathroom Lights: A Quick, Affordable, And Efficient Upgrade

No matter if you’re remodeling your bathroom or you’re just looking for a quick and affordable upgrade, bathroom lights will always play a major role in setting the mood of the room.

Pendant lights, overhand lights, recessed lights, mirror lights, all of them will work wonders in your space, and the best part: they’re quick to install, affordable, and a highly-efficient upgrade.

This guide is all about lighting for bathrooms. We’ll talk about different kinds of lights, where to put them, and what makes them so important.

Let’s begin!

Red bathroom lighting with freestanding tub and plant

What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Lights

There are several styles of lighting for bathrooms, and all of them will help create a different vibe in your home.

There are several types of bathroom lights, including:

Bathroom Ceiling Light

Bathroom ceiling lights Illuminate the entire bathroom by providing general lighting. They are often controlled by a switch near the door and are located in the center of the ceiling.

The bathroom is often only lit by a ceiling light. This type of light allows you to see when you first enter the room and provides general lighting for tasks like using the mirror or counter.

The only disadvantage of ceiling lights is that they often need to be complemented by another type of lighting. For example, ceiling lights will not offer the same light on the mirror or around the vanity, so vanity lights or pendant lights right above the mirror will do the trick.

Bathroom ceiling lights

Bathroom Mirror Light

A bathroom mirror light creates the appearance that the mirror is floating in front of the wall. In actuality, it is—to some extent. To make space for a light behind the mirror, bathroom mirror lights are mounted on extendable arms away from the wall. The result is a soft halo of light surrounding the mirror and casting onto nearby walls for an enigmatic touch.

In contrast, our LED bathroom mirror lights are integrated into the mirror itself. The thin LED light strip creates a Room with a bright, crisp white light . Not only that , but it also starts at around $550 for 48-inch by 36-inch models – much cheaper than other similar products on the market.

Bathroom blue mirror light

Wall Sconce Lights

Sconce lights are most flattering when mounted in pairs on either side of the mirror, at eye level or just above.

By mounting directly to the wall, sconce shades provide diffused light that is close to natural sunlight–perfect for bathroom tasks like shaving and applying makeup without having to worry about shadows.

Sconce lights are generally placed at head level or a bit higher, making them more visible than other types of bathroom lighting. As a result, you can make out of these lights a focal point in your bathroom.

Beautiful, yellow sconce lights

Bathroom Vanity Lights

Bathroom vanity lights are a series of two or more bulbs placed over the bathroom vanity mirror. They’re almost always on the same circuit and controlled by one light switch.

Because the vanity light is placed higher up, above the bathroom vanity or counter, bathroom vanity lights work well in illuminating the space around the sink and countertop. However, it’s important to make sure that the light fixture has adequate shading; otherwise, it can be too bright and glaring for users.

Most bathrooms today are pre-wired for vanity lights.

Navy blue vanity with 3 vanity light fixtures

Bathroom Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are commonly used in homes for their ability to light up a room without being noticeable. They usually remain flush with the ceiling or can be recessed into the ceiling. Holes must first be cut into the ceilings where wires will also be run between different light sources.

The value of installing recessed lights in the bathroom is that it can save space, especially in small bathrooms. By having a recessed light or two along the perimeter of the room, you create general lighting without sacrificing too much space.

You can install these lights in the ceiling or on the walls, around a glass shower, vanity, or tub.

Recessed lighting

Bathroom Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting adds directed light to areas in the bathroom that need it, such as at head level or just above. Not only is pendant lighting functional, but it also catches your attention like no other type of lighting.

Pendant lighting is most effective when used in combination with other light sources, as it cannot brighten an entire room on its own.

Pendant lighting is also known to drop very low, so it should only be used in larger bathrooms that can spare a couple of feet along the end of the countertop or side of the room.

Pendant lighting in bathroom

Bathroom Chandelier

Chandeliers are more about style than practicality, but they can make a big impact in any room. A chandelier above your bathtub will transport you to a luxurious hotel suite.

Maintain a sense of proportion in your bathroom design by selecting a smaller chandelier, unless you have an unusually large bathroom with ceiling heights that can accommodate a more substantial light fixture.

A chandelier in a bathroom with white and gold colors

Code Requirements For Bathroom Lighting

At MGS Contracting Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to remodel a bathroom from start to finish. We have our own licensed plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and builders, so you won’t have to look for different professionals. You’ll get the whole nine yards with no hassle.

We’re familiar with the building codes and code requirements for bathroom lights, and we’ll make sure your upgrade will be 100% safe and efficient.

If you want to take a look at the code requirements for bathroom lighting, check out this page!

Planning The Lighting For Bathrooms

If you’re adding the new bathroom lights by yourself, you’re in for a challenge.

We don’t usually recommend this simply because different types of lighting need to be installed in different areas of the bath for maximum efficiency.

And let’s not mention the electrical installation that needs to be properly dealt with. The last thing you want to happen is a short circuit where all the electronics in your home will have to suffer.

At MGS, we’re offering you our bathroom designers to help you plan where your new bathroom lights will go.


New bathroom light fixtures are definitely an upgrade worth considering. Whether it’s a full bathroom remodel or you’re just looking for a quick upgrade, adding new lighting fixtures will guarantee a better, improved space.

With MGS Contracting Services, you’re getting this upgrade in the easiest way possible. No hassle, no hidden fees, and no effort on your behalf.

Check out our bathroom remodeling offer and work with the best pros in town on your bathroom upgrade! Call us today at (571) 577-9554 or request your free quote now!