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5 Tricks To Find The Best Bathroom Remodeler In Northern Virginia

Choosing a good bathroom remodeler in northern Virginia can become a daunting task. You’ll need to research, ask friends, contact them, and even risk paying for a consultation just so you can see if they’re the right fit for your project.

For homeowners, this is something that happens every time they have a project. For bathroom remodeling companies, it’s their chance to win you over and buy their service.

However, there are some tricks that help you make sure you’re not being lied to by your bathroom remodeler and that you’re making a good choice in regards to your bathroom remodeling contractor.

Let’s begin.

Contractors working on construction plans

1. Search Their Business On Google

This is very likely the first thing you’ll do when you hear about a company. You’ll go on the internet and type the business in the search bar. Try “northern Virginia bathroom remodelers” and you’ll find tons of them.

From there, you’ll start browsing their website (if they have one), their Facebook, Instagram, or any other page that they have.

But what are you hoping to find there? Most of them will have a Facebook page where they post pictures or a short story. Their Instagram will also be filled with photos they love and a sweet master bathroom that might not even be their work.

The best way to proceed is to go to pages where they can’t edit their information. Search them on the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Nextdoor, Yellow Pages, Angi, and so forth. These are places that people will leave reviews that can’t be deleted or edited.

There’s more to reviews than this, though.

2. Read All Reviews

People are more inclined to leave reviews when they’re not happy with the product they received. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever find a contractor with hundreds of 5-star reviews. And that’s good. It gives you a chance to read through bad reviews and see how the contractor answers.

Keep in mind if they’re defensive about their work and they’re saying it’s not their fault, or if they admit the mistake and apologize.

There’s no doubt that mistakes happen, and they can sometimes slip away until consequences become visible. A bath remodeling contractor that values his craftsmanship will try to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Needless to say, read through the reviews and see how the contractor responds to both good and bad reviews.

A contract and a pen

3. Request At Least Three Quotes

Companies that offer bathroom remodeling services will charge for an on-site consultation, but an online estimate is usually free of charge and is often pretty on point.

On our website, for example, you can click on the request for your free quote, fill out the form, add some optional details, and you’ll get your quote as soon as possible.

It’s important to request at least three quotes from different bathroom remodelers just to see how different the prices are. If there’s a huge gap between the quotes you receive, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

A bathroom remodeler might have a higher mark-up than the next one, and that’s fine. This is the reassurance that your materials are premium and that even if something goes wrong, the contractor will be able to replace them without any additional fee.

4. Schedule A Visit

Balance the quotes you receive, pick the best one for you, call the contractor and schedule a visit.

From what we’re seeing, on-site consultations can be as high as $1k. This is the commitment that you are 100% involved in getting your full master bath remodel. Sometimes, the money will be part of your final quote, other times it might be a one time fee for the designer, architect, the gas, the time, and the effort the bathroom remodeler puts in to get to your place.

When you think of it, the consultation is still a service that opens new doors and opportunities for your existing space.

We charge the minimum amount for a consultation because we want you to move forward with your bathroom remodeling project and get your well-deserved upgrade without stressing over money.

A bathroom remodeler in northern Virginia working on tile flooring

5. Always Ask Questions

Asking your bathroom remodeler questions is crucial for the success of your project. It’s what can make the difference between getting your dream bathroom renovation project or a simple renovation that just made your space look a little bit better.

Before actually hiring a bathroom remodeler and deciding to move forward with him, there are several questions you can ask to completely understand the way he works.

Note: If you’re concerned about a particular part of the remodel, ask to see pictures of a similar bathroom project. Maybe you have a more complex tile bathroom flooring, a custom bathroom vanity, or the remodel of an existing shower.

Contractor and homeowner working on blueprints


Starting a home improvement project can be a stressful endeavor when working with the wrong people. In fact, any project can become a nightmare that you just can’t wait to end when you’re not taking your time picking the right contractor.

These 5 things you can do are just the beginning. They apply for kitchen remodeling companies, bathroom remodeling companies, or any other contractor.

Most of the time, it’s a great idea to follow your intuition and trust your gut. Does a contractor seem shady or you just don’t like the way he speaks? This can create tension between the two of you, and eventually you’ll start hating each other.

Choose a contractor that makes you feel comfortable and has a good vibe. Don’t listen to promises and do your research. Stalk them for a while and even speak with their past customers. However, remember that the best contractor for you might not be the best one the next person.

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