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Bathroom Sink Options You Should Consider In 2023

Bathroom sinks have the power to become the focal point in your new space. That means everyone will be looking at them, and it’s up to you if you want them to be amazed or not.

The thing with bathroom sinks is that there are a ton of styles and just as many materials to choose from.

Pedestal sinks, vessel sinks, undermount sinks, and many more make it difficult for homeowners like yourself to choose. And choosing without a bathroom designer might not always be the best choice.

Here are our designers’ favorite bathroom sink options for 2023.

A beautiful bathroom sink with a round mirror and a wood vanity

Bathroom Sink Options - Different Styles

First of all, you’ll want to choose a style that complements the rest of your bathroom. If you have a rustic bathroom with a lot of wood features, an undermount sink might not be perfect. Or maybe you’re looking for a beautiful vessel sink that’s easy to match with anything.

NKBA offers a comprehensive guide about bathroom styles and sinks. Check out their website here.

Here are some of the most popular styles of bathroom sinks.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are elegant and luxurious, but they’re more popular for kitchens. Even so, you can install them in a bathroom to uplift its mood and create a more high-end vibe.

These are installed under the counter by cutting a hole. They give a clean and tidy look as the sink will be flush with the countertop. Keep in mind that these sinks are difficult to change and require professional installation.

They’re also some of the more expensive sinks, with an average cost of between $200 and $500.

An undermount sink with a black faucet

Pedestal Sinks

With no need for a vanity and being able to save up on bathroom space, freestanding sinks are an ideal choice for small baths.

The water line runs directly through the pedestal that supports it. However, you’ll be missing the storage space that a vanity provides, as there’s simply not enough room underneath the sink.

Sure, you can have a cabinet above the sink, but you won’t be able to store towels or other things we need in our baths. Pedestal sinks don’t do much to your bath’s aesthetic. They’re very affordable and, honestly, not a great option if you want to impress your guests or make your space fully functional.

A pedestal sink in a bathroom with a framed shower and a toilet

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are some of the most popular styles homeowners go for. These are the sinks that can truly become the focal point in a powder room or a guest bath.

They are placed on the top of the bathroom counter like a bowl. Most of them do not have a faucet hole, so the faucet needs to be installed on the counter or wall. They’re beautiful and don’t take up a lot of space.

A vessel sink with a bamboo plant and folded towels

Wall-Mounted Sinks

Imagine a pedestal sink, but without the pedestal. A wall mount sink can be directly installed on the wall and doesn’t require vanities, meaning you’ll lack extra storage space.

We’d only recommend this as a sink in a workshop or in a space that’s truly small.

A top vanity sink built in a white vanity with black pulls

Vanity Top Sink

These sinks are built into the countertop and installed on the existing vanity. Choosing one that is an inch larger than the current counter is recommended.

This is not a popular option, but it’s very similar to an undermount sink.

Bathroom Sink Options - Different Materials

Once you have the style figured out, it’s time to think of the right sink material. And there are a few worth bringing up.

Stainless Steel Sinks

The only way you can go wrong with stainless steel sinks is if you use them in a bathroom. This material is great for kitchen sinks, but in bathrooms, not so much.

Stainless steel sinks are affordable and easy to clean, but they can be noisy and will often show water spots. They work in modern, farmhouse, transitional, and traditional kitchens, but don’t think of getting them in a bathroom – they won’t work.

Enameled Cast Iron

Cast iron is probably the heaviest sink material, but it’s also the most durable one. If you choose a cast iron sink, you’ll most likely have to reinforce the vanity to keep the wood from warping or cracking.

This material, although durable, can still chip. It’s also more expensive than most other options.

Enameled Steel

Enameled steel looks similar to cast iron, but it has a lower price tag. It’s made with a steel frame covered in non-porous enamel. Enameled steel is delicate and can easily develop chips or cracks, which may result in rust if water finds its way beneath the surface.

This sink material is affordable and very easy to clean, but it’s susceptible to dents, chips, and even rust.

Quartz Composite Sink

If you want the natural stone look without breaking the bank, quartz composite may be your ideal solution. Quartz composite is made using a mix of real stone and an acrylic resin resembling classic natural stone.

Quartz composite is highly impervious to staining thanks to its uniform nonporous composition. This sink is extremely durable, resistant to heat, and affordable, but it’ll break any sink that falls into it.

Solid Surface

Formed from the mineral compound and polyester or acrylic resin, solid surface sinks (and countertops) are sturdy yet permeable materials. Solid surface sinks boast a smooth, nonporous finish that shields them from food and drink stains.

Solid surface sinks are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to dents, stains, and color fading. However, they’re prone to heat damage and scratches.


Copper is one of the very few materials that can create that focal point for your bathroom sink. This is a sink that stops the show and leaves everyone in awe.

Copper sinks are handcrafted, so they’re always pricier than other sink materials. This bathroom sink will be unique, durable, and antimicrobial and will totally uplift the mood in your bath. On the downside of things, copper sinks are susceptible to color changes and require higher maintenance.


For centuries, porcelain has been utilized to create a variety of items, including dishes, sinks, and toilets. This traditional material is made by heating potter stone and kaolin at very high temperatures; the result is an incredibly dense ceramic with a nonporous glaze that’s highly resistant to dust and water damage.

It’s also important to remember that porcelain is a heavier material, especially when cast over steel or cast iron, so your cabinets could need some reinforcements to withstand the weight.

Two vessel sink in a black bathroom with two different shaped mirrors


So, out of all these bathroom sink options, what’s yours? Here’s what our bath designers from MGS recommend for your upcoming bathroom sink.

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