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If you want to remodel your bathroom in Brambleton, VA, MGS is the best option to make your dream bathroom a reality.

At MGS Contracting Services, we offer high-quality bathroom remodeling in Brambleton, VA, and we’re looking to let every homeowner in the area know that premium quality at reasonable prices is possible!

If you’re ready to work with a team that’s fully committed to your success, MGS will over-deliver and prove once again to be the leading company in the bathroom remodeling industry.

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Your Bathroom Remodeling In Brambleton - Now With Extra Perks

In addition to a high-quality bathroom remodel, we also offer a unique remodeling experience that you simply can’t get with anyone else. We put your needs and preferences at the core of our work, so everything about your new bathroom reflects your lifestyle! Here are the perks of working with professionals:

It's Time For Your Premium Bathroom Remodeling In Brambleton, VA

Bathrooms must be well-maintained and visually appealing. They must look sleek, smell good, and be highly functional if you want them to improve your daily life and not hinder it.

At MGS Contracting Services Brambleton, we’ve transformed dated and inefficient bathrooms into spaces that were worthy of a photo shoot. Elegance and functionality came first, and then we tailor every little detail according to your particular needs.

Rest assured, you’ll enjoy a team fully dedicated to your success and committed to bringing your vision to fruition in the best possible way. We’re the ones who truly care about your home, time, and investment, and we can guarantee we’ll make everything worthwhile!

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Dozens of testimonials from our past customers stand proof that we offer complete and quality bathroom remodeling in Brambleton, VA. Check out what your neighbors say about working with MGS!


I can’t say enough good things about MGS!

Chris and the Team were great. I called MGS in to fix a shower and tub installation that another “discount” contractor had completely messed up. 

They came in, evaluated what needed to be done to correct the issue and completed the job in a timely manner and at a great price.

They will be my go-to contractor for any future work I need done.

Jay R


Our master bathroom had been half way torn up since March of 2020 when we experienced a leak.

We never took the time to get the flooring re-done because we knew that we wanted to do a full remodel. When our next door neighbor contracted with MGS Contracting and I saw the results, I knew we wanted to use them to do our bathroom.

In short, they have been wonderful to work with! Very communicative and very helpful in choosing what would look good in out bathroom. We could not be more pleased with the results!!! I highly recommend this company!!

Stacey Noem

Type Of Upgrades And Materials

A bathroom remodel requires various upgrades and materials that offer different functionalities and vibes for your new space. Choosing alone between so many options can be risky and exhausting, so we’re giving you constant guidance throughout the materials selection phase. Let’s look at some of the most popular bathroom upgrades!

Vanities And Cabinets

Many homeowners opt to upgrade their single vanity to a double vanity for increased storage. Double vanities are also ideal if you want to have your own sink and be more efficient and fast in the morning.

Many also choose to install extra cabinets to maximize space or fulfill their storage needs. Investing in a large double vanity may cost more, but it is definitely worth it.

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Tub And Shower

As our Brambleton locals age, they commonly choose to upgrade from a jacuzzi tub to a glass walk-in shower for their bathrooms. This is ideal for elderly homeowners who need safe and easy access when bathing.

The surround and floor can be functional with porcelain or ceramic tile, but we recommend adding anti-slip tile for that extra safety.

If you’d like to keep your bathtub, that can definitely be done. In fact, many homeowners decide to have both a shower and tub for various scenarios – maybe it’s fast showers before going out or relaxing baths after an overwhelming day. The options are limitless!



If you are replacing a vanity, you will likely need to replace the countertop too, as it won’t fit in the overall design anymore.

A quartz countertop is the best option because it is balanced and meets all of your requirements – it’s easy to maintain, durable, resistant, affordable and has a sleek look that works in any bathroom style. Quartz is a manufactured material with all the pros of natural stones but without their downsides.

Other viable options for countertops are granite, which remains a second favorite for many homeowners, or other natural stones like soapstone or marble.

Note: Avoid wood or laminate for bathroom countertops because of the high frequency of water spills. Opt for a material that does not leave water spots!

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The functionality and attractiveness of your bathroom are greatly influenced by the type of flooring you choose. Properly chosen flooring can create a seamless transition between the bathroom and other adjoining areas.

The top flooring choices for homeowners are ceramic or porcelain tiles, as these are very easy to maintain and highly durable. On the other side, they’re cold and hard on the foot.

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles (LVP and LVT) follow closely behind. These look like natural wood or stone floors but without all the downsides. However, LVP is not fully waterproof.

Hardwood floors may not be suitable for damp environments such as bathrooms. These are prone to water damage, require frequent maintenance, and cost more.

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Inspiration For Your Upcoming Bathroom Remodel In Brambleton

Find inspiration for your upcoming bathroom remodel in Brambleton. Our team is committed to crafting immaculate new spaces that homeowners will adore. Check out some of our projects in Virginia!

A Quick And Easy Bathroom Remodeling In Brambleton, VA

Our emphasis is on promoting transparency and clear communication throughout the construction process. This approach ensures that your experience with us is enjoyable, and we can deliver a high-quality product that meets your expectations.



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Frequently Asked Questions

To remodel a bathroom in Brambleton, VA, the average cost for a 70-square-foot bathroom is approximately $30k. A high-end remodel can cost between $60k to $70k while a low-end remodel can cost around $20k.

At our on-site visit, you’ll get a more accurate quote. We’ll also get to talk about materials and give you the best options for your bath.

Assuming no major changes to the layout or demolition are needed, a small bathroom remodel should take about two weeks. On average, a bathroom remodel takes around one month, while larger upscale renovations may take up to two months to complete.

After your consultation, you’ll get a clear timeline for your project’s unfolding.

We do! We’ll take the burden of obtaining building permits off your shoulders so you can concentrate on other facets of your bathroom facelift!

I’m Chris Chapman, the owner of MGS Contracting Services. Together with my wife, Danielle, we ensure our work is backed by excellent customer service, so all your concerns will be addressed as soon as possible.

We work with a team of skilled, licensed, and insured tradesmen, experts in every remodeling field. We’re all dedicated to bringing your vision to life and creating the perfect bathroom for you and your loved ones!

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Bathrooms should be designed to meet your evolving needs and remain comfortable, even after years of use.

Our approach to designing your space is based on understanding your needs and finding the best solutions to match them. We prioritize creating ample free space to move around and ensuring that your bath is fully functional and beautiful.

With your local experts from MGS Brambleton, you’ll also get:

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