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Make the most of your basement remodeling cost in Brambleton, VA, with a reliable contractor that truly cares about your home, time, and investment!

Work with MGS Contracting Services and ensure every single dollar that goes toward your remodel is put to good use and contributes to making your life easier and better.

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A Fair Basement Remodeler That Goes All-In For You

At MGS Contracting Services, we know that homeowners are often worried about the cost of remodeling. That’s why we provide a transparent, unbiased, and fair price for basement remodeling that doesn’t involve any guesswork.

Here’s what to expect from us:

How Much Does A Basement Remodel Cost In Brambleton, VA?

If you’re not using your basement to its full potential, consider investing in a high-quality basement remodel to maximize your home’s space. Don’t let your basement go to waste!

Renovating your basement in Brambleton can be a wise investment for your home as you may potentially recoup up to 70% of your expenses.

All things considered, completing a basement can cost anywhere from $20,000 to more than $50,000. These expenses are inclusive of materials, labor charges, and permits. If your basement is not yet finished, you’ll also want to ensure the space is safe for further remodeling.

Check out our basement remodel in Brambleton, VA offer! Make sure you’re making a long-lasting investment with a high-quality remodel!

Homeowners Love Their New Basements In Brambleton, VA

Here’s what homeowners are saying about working with a real professional on their basement remodel in Brambleton  and surrounding areas.


I can’t say enough good things about MGS!

Chris and the Team were great. I called MGS in to fix a shower and tub installation that another “discount” contractor had completely messed up. 

They came in, evaluated what needed to be done to correct the issue and completed the job in a timely manner and at a great price.

They will be my go-to contractor for any future work I need done.

Jay R


Chris and team were amazing to work with

From the initial consultation through completion there was great communication, and execution of this project. All options were discussed so that we could make the best decision on the options and layout. 

Our bathroom remodel lasted about a week once all the materials were in. Our home was left spotless at the end of each day, you couldn’t even tell that there was any construction happening! 

Truly professional service, and we are looking forward to our next project with Chris & his amazing crew.

Vivian Olson

The Basement Remodel Cost For Different Finishes

Consider the potential of renovating your basement to turn it into a highly frequented gathering space in your home. I have compiled a list of concepts and their approximate expenses for completing the project.

A Laundry Room

If your basement has already been finished, you can easily turn it into a laundry room by adding a washing machine, a dryer, new tile flooring, and possibly cabinets or open shelves. We suggest you check your plumbing system to ensure it works properly and is up-to-date.

Budget around $3k for a tile floor (between $7 and $14 per square foot) and $2k for cabinets. Hourly rates for plumbing can range from $25 to $200, depending on the experience level of the plumber and the repair needed.

A laundry room with cabinets

An Office

Our clients desire to work from home and plan to convert their basements into office spaces to accomplish this goal. The transformation can be completed without hefty expenses.

Carpet or luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring will be the most expensive item, usually around $2 to $5+ per square foot. The cost estimate should also include brightening up your basement with improved lighting and creating an ergonomic workspace with desks and shelves.

Finishing and then remodeling a basement into an office shouldn’t be more than $20k.

A simple office in a large basement

A Man Cave

While a man cave may not be as useful as an office or laundry room, it is a room that you would really enjoy spending time in! Even if it is not a necessary improvement for your home, it is definitely one that you will want.

The cost to finish a basement into a man cave shouldn’t be too high either.

Besides the cost of remodeling, you’ll need a pool table (between $2,100 and $3,500), bar (about $8k), couch ($2K), stools, plus a TV to watch your favorite game. And voila! Your entertainment space is good to go!

A man cave in a basement with a bar and a basketball ring

An In-House Gym

Please note that building a personal training center in your basement will entail expenses. You must purchase all the required fitness equipment and gear, which can be costly.

When it comes to equipping your gym, you can expect expenses anywhere from $3k to $5k.

Before converting your basement into an exercise space, please note that the costs might exceed $30,000 due to flooring, heating/cooling systems, electrical fixtures, and plumbing expenses.

One of our basement-to-gym conversions got as expensive as $39k.

A gym inside a basement space

Budgeting For Your Basement Remodel Cost In Brambleton, VA

At MGS Contracting Services, we provide top-tier and complete services for your basement remodel project in Brambleton, VA. Here are three ways to budget accordingly and ensure you pay a fair price.

Although cost-effective alternatives to tile flooring exist, do not make the mistake of opting for the most affordable option. This could lead to more damage down the line and be even more expensive in the long run.

If you have a limited budget, it’s best to prioritize your immediate needs when choosing appliances and features. Avoid splurging on fancy extras and focus on what is necessary for now. You can consider the additional features later when you have more financial flexibility.

It is important to be prepared for unexpected events when remodeling a basement. Basements are susceptible to mold, mildew, and plumbing problems, so your contractor will likely have to deal with one or more of these issues.

To safeguard against unexpected issues, setting aside an extra 20% of your budget is a wise decision. After all, safety comes first – it’s always better to be prepared than regret it later!

As we said, the remodeling market is full of bad practices and contractors going after your money.

It is important to take the necessary time to research and select a trustworthy contractor. To ensure a wise decision, review online feedback, assess their previous works, and obtain a cost estimate. One great trick is checking their Facebook page, BBB rating, or website.

Wood flooring in a basement with a gray couch and a TV

How Can MGS Help You Get The Most ROI On Your Basement Remodel?

Ready to invest in a dependable, high-grade, and cost-effective basement remodel in Brambleton?

Our basement remodeling service can increase the value of your Brambleton home by about 70% of what you invest. We provide a fair and transparent cost for the project, allowing you to give your home a fast and effective renovation.

MGS Contracting Services is dedicated to achieving perfection in every job we do, exceeding even your highest expectations by adhering to superior remodeling standards.

In short, we’ll make sure you’re making a great investment!

Make The Biggest Investment In Your Home With A Quality Basement Remodel

Chris Chapman


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