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A basement remodeled in Sterling, VA

If you’re ready to launch your basement renovation, the most likely question on your mind is how much it will cost in Sterling, VA. Many of our customers express this same concern before beginning their projects.

MGS Contracting Services is your go-to for an in-depth basement remodeling cost estimate. Our prices are realistic and honest, and we give you all it takes so you can reap the rewards of a complete service at a fair price.

With us on your team, you can be certain that the investment in transforming your basement will pay off in spades.

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A Basement Remodeling Price That Puts You At Ease

Our team is determined to exceed your expectations and ensure you are delighted with the new basement. We prioritize reliability, structure, and respectfulness of timelines and budgets – all while keeping in mind what matters most: Your satisfaction!

Here’s what to expect from us:

How Much Does A Basement Remodeling Cost In Sterling, VA?

Homeowners who prize their residences are now transforming underutilized basements into spaces of substance and value. Along with finishing the basement, they often choose to renovate it to maximize the overall functionality of their homes.

Investing in a basement remodel is an incredibly beneficial decision. According to Remodeling Magazine, you’re looking at a return of 50-80% on your investment, which adds considerably to the value of your home!

By investing $80,000 in your basement renovation, you can add an additional $64K to its market value.

The average basement remodeling cost in Sterling, VA, is quite varied – from a minimum of $20k to over $60k. Factors such as materials used by contractors and their labor rates, size requirements, and permits can all significantly contribute to this range.

Check out our basement remodel in Sterling offer! Make sure you’re making a long-lasting investment with a high-quality remodel!

Homeowners Love Their New Basements In Sterling, VA

Here’s what your neighbors say about working with a real professional on their basement remodel in Sterling and surrounding areas.


I can’t say enough good things about MGS!

Chris and the Team were great. I called MGS in to fix a shower and tub installation that another “discount” contractor had completely messed up. 

They came in, evaluated what needed to be done to correct the issue and completed the job in a timely manner and at a great price.

They will be my go-to contractor for any future work I need done.

Jay R


Chris and team were amazing to work with

From the initial consultation through completion there was great communication, and execution of this project. All options were discussed so that we could make the best decision on the options and layout. 

Our bathroom remodel lasted about a week once all the materials were in. Our home was left spotless at the end of each day, you couldn’t even tell that there was any construction happening! 

Truly professional service, and we are looking forward to our next project with Chris & his amazing crew.

Vivian Olson

The Basement Remodeling Cost For Different Finishes

Not only should you make your basement safe to live in, but also inspiring and functional. Whether it’s an extra bedroom for hosting guests or an office so you can reach full productivity, your options are limitless.

Let’s see some of the most popular transformations and their associated cost.

A Laundry Room

A few simple upgrades can help transform your basement into a laundry room. This will not only keep the noise out of the house but also provide ample space to create a wardrobe or even install a walk-in closet near your bedroom!

If you’re looking to renovate your laundry room, you’ll probably spend around $3k on the tile floor and approximately $2k for cabinets that include open shelves. Remember that modern washing machines and dryers are more efficient energy-wise!

To ensure proper installation, you should hire a plumber. Depending on the company you choose, their hourly rate can span from $25 to $200.

A laundry room in a basement room

An Office

At MGS Contracting Services, we are committed to helping people adapt and make the most of their home environment. With so many now working from their homes, we specialized in transforming basements into functional office spaces.

Undeniably, the basement is one of the best spaces to be converted into an office. With minimal distractions and peacefulness, it’s a perfect place to reach top levels of productivity and peace.

To begin, you’ll need to bring the basement up to safety and livability standards. If your space looks like something out of a horror movie (with no insulation, bare walls and ceilings, and lack of electrical or plumbing), expect to spend around $20k on renovations.

To turn it into a professional office, you may consider luxury vinyl plank flooring (about $4 to $10+ per square foot), better lighting, a desk, and some cabinetry. In total, expect to pay around $10k for this upgrade.

A simple office in a large basement

A Man Cave

Invite your friends to the perfect gathering place: a man cave. Here, you can chat about current events, shoot some pool while drinking refreshing beers, or cheer on your favorite team – no matter what activity is taking place, it will create unforgettable memories that are sure to last forever.

No matter if you’re aiming to furbish your space with only a few items or an extensive collection, the expenses for this room will range from around $10k and up to $15k.

Transform your basement into the perfect man cave by adding a stunning pool table (around $2,100), an impressive bar setup (approximately $8k), stylish couches and stools for seating ($2,000) and of course a large TV, so you don’t miss any sports games!

A pool in a basement

An In-House Gym

Building a home gym in your basement can be expensive because of the necessary equipment and supplies.

Taking into account the various elements required to build your home gym such as basement flooring, rubber floor mats, heating and cooling systems, electrical installation fees, and plumbing services – the total cost can easily amount to $30k!

Undoubtedly, the most significant expense will be acquiring gym equipment which may cost anywhere between $3k and 5$.

A gym in a basement

Budgeting For Your Basement Remodel Cost In Sterling, VA

The biggest concern of homeowners getting a remodel is being overcharged for a product or seeing extra fees that they knew nothing about. At MGS, we want to bring none of that into your journey. In fact, we’re going the extra mile and offer you some advice on how to budget properly for your upcoming project.

If you’re on a tight budget, tile flooring may not be an option for you. Luckily, other cost-effective alternatives will get the job done just as well! Consult with your contractor about economical options and believe in their expertise to find the flooring that won’t break the bank.

To sum up, don’t stretch your wallet and purchase a pricey material if you can’t afford it. Also, stay away from the most cost-effective choices on the market since they may cause more harm than good in the long haul.

If you’re considering renovating your basement, prepare to encounter some mold, mildew, and/or plumbing issues – all common problems in basements.

To ensure that your project stays within budget and to avoid any potential financial hiccups, set aside 20% of the total budget. This extra cushion will provide you with a financial buffer if unforeseen costs arise – it’s always wise to be careful and prepared!

As we said, the remodeling market is full of bad practices and contractors going after your money.

Investing time and effort into researching the right contractor is essential to ensure that your project goes smoothly. Be sure to look up reviews, browse through their portfolio of past projects, ask for an estimate and don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions. 

The local BBB in Sterling will be a great place to start.

These steps can give you peace of mind knowing that you have chosen the best people for the job!

Wood flooring in a basement with a gray couch and a TV

Get The Most ROI On Your Basement Remodel In Sterling With Us!

Let us maximize the profit of your basement remodel and make it truly an investment!

Investing in the renovation of your basement is a savvy decision that will add monetary value to your home. You can expect an astonishing return on investment (ROI) of 70%for every $100 spent on this endeavor, approximately another $70 returns!

Not only can we make that happen, but we can do better!

At MGS Contracting Services, we guarantee you an effortless remodel with only the highest quality workmanship. After our team is done working on your basement, you’ll be confident that you just made a smart decision for your home!

With us, you’re getting:

Boost Your Property's Value With A Finished Basement!

Chris Chapman


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