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Finding The Best Home Repair Contractors In Northern Virginia

Home repair projects are some of the toughest experiences, both for general contractors and homeowners. Unfortunately, Northern Virginia is notorious for all the tornadoes we’re getting all year round, so knowing a good remodeling contractor is a necessity.

But how do you find a home repair contractor that will offer you a pleasant experience, quality work, and an affordable price for your home remodeling projects?

This is what we’re planning to debunk in this article.

Keep reading and discover how to find the best home repair contractor in Northern Virginia!

Home repair contractors in Northern Virginia

Determine The Scope Of Your Project

Before you thought of looking for a home repair contractor, you probably asked yourself if you can actually do the project on your own.

DIYing a home improvement project might not always be the best call, especially if the damage is considerably high. On the other hand, if you just need to clean your backyard, replace some decking boards, or repaint something, you might be able to do these yourself, and also save some money.

Why We Don't Recommend DIY

No, it’s not because we’re contractors and we’re looking to get on every possible job. In fact, if the project itself is to replace several decking boards, we might even pass it on to another contractor.

Doing a home repair by yourself is a risky and challenging task, especially if we’re talking about rebuilding a part of your home or fixing the roof. It takes knowledge, equipment, tools, time, and a lot of hard work.

Sure, if you have everything it takes and you want to give it a shot, go ahead. But if you don’t want to put your life in danger and risk anything, getting a professional on the job is a much better option that you won’t regret.

Roofing contractors repairing a home

Make A List Of Home Repair Contractors

Go online and make a list of possible candidates for your project. A simple Google search will return dozens of contractors through which you’ll have to filter to find the best one. You can also check Yelp, Nextdoor, Angi, or HomeAdvisor.

You can browse through the results and pick whoever sounds better, or you can pick the first five. These are usually the businesses that receive the most attention from users like you, so there’s a high chance you won’t go wrong with this method.

To make sure you’re getting a professional, read through their reviews, check their website, their finished projects, and the way they’re speaking with their customers.

How To Filter Your Home Repair Contractors

At this point, you’ll have to do some research and dig deep into each company on your list. Visit their website and just take a look. From our experience, contractors without a website are difficult to reach and get in touch with.

If they do have a website, does it look outdated like it’s made when the internet came out? This just proves the company doesn’t give two cents on attracting new customers.

If the website is looking good and it’s a pleasure to navigate, start reading some reviews and searching for their portfolio (most serious contractors will have their finished projects on their website).

Note: Remember that you’re looking for a home repair company that can take on your project and get it done right. If you need a new roof, you don’t want to hire a deck builder, but a roofing company.

A contractor and homeowner checking the blueprints of his home

Make Contact With Your Home Repair Candidates

After you decide on at least three possible contractors, it’s time to make contact with them. If this raises anxieties, it shouldn’t. Most contractors will have online quotes on their website, and all you have to do is just text them some details of your project, some pictures, and your address.

If you want to talk directly with them, give them a ring. Keep in mind that if you’re calling a bigger home repair company, there are high changes you’ll be speaking with a salesperson and not the contractor himself. They’ll sometimes push you to schedule a consultation, or they’ll just get the owner on the phone if you want to speak with him.

Online estimates are free, but for on-site consultations, most contractors will charge a fee, so make sure you’re fully content with your decision when you schedule a visit, as this will mean you’re ready to commit to one contractor.

What You Need To Keep An Eye Out At The Consultation

Many contractors will come to the consultation and walk around the home, not appearing to be interested in your project at all. At all costs, avoid these people.

You’ll want to look for contractors that make you feel confident about your choice. Someone that’ll ask questions about your home, about what you need and want, and about what’s the end-product they’re hoping to get.

In a nutshell, you’ll want to hire a contractor that’s as invested as you are in your home repair project.

Another thing you’ll want to avoid is contractors that don’t offer a contract. The contract is a must, as it can hold the contractor responsible if something happens. Besides, the contract will contain all the details of your project, including the timeline, the materials, the cost, and sometimes even the workers.

Needless to say, get licensed and insured contractors that’ll make it easier for you to get the building permits. Not only this, but contractors that are licensed and insured will make your project go much smoother and they’ll help you avoid any major setback.

Contractor shaking hands with a homeowner

How Can MGS Contracting Service Help You

Here at MGS we offer bathroom remodeling services, kitchen remodeling services, and we work on major home improvements and home renovation projects. We’re a trusted general contractor in Fairfax Station, Falls Church, and more of Northern Virginia.

With us, you’ll get a dedicated project manager that’ll ensure your home project will unfold quickly and efficiently. You’ll work with local professionals and remodeling contractors with a simple goal in mind: to offer you a great service, and a wonderful job completion at a reasonable price.

You can get your free estimates online, check out our projects, and read what your neighbors are saying about MGS right on our website. Work with one of the best home improvement company in Northern Virginia and get your home fixed with MGS!


Finding the best home repair contractors and choosing one to take on your project can be overwhelming. It takes a good amount of research, time, frustrations, and risks. One might seem like the perfect option, but their prices are over the top. Another might have very low prices, but your confidence decreases with them.

At MGS Contracting Services, we’re striving to be the best option for all our customers. With us, you’re getting a quick and intuitive process that gets your home back on its feet the easiest way possible.

Every aspect of your home repair will be taken care of, from building permits to regular follow-ups. You’ll get the peace of mind you need to focus on the other things that need your attention.

We offer professional home repair services in Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling, and more of Loudoun and Fairfax counties. Call us today at (571) 577-9554 or request a free quote to get your project started!

Blueprints and design of a home improvement project