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The Best Kitchen Color Schemes In 2023

The color of your kitchen is a factor that’ll influence how you feel in your kitchen. It helps set the mood and tone of the space, and it can make or break a kitchen renovation.

Therefore, choosing the perfect color scheme for your new space is essential to ensure your renovation is a complete success.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best kitchen color schemes for 2023 and which one would look the best in your kitchen!

Let’s begin!

Wood cabinets with no hardware in a modern kitchen with plants

Your Main Kitchen Colors

There are several colors that you can go all-in on. Shades of blue, green, and sandy tones are some of the most popular lately, but there are a lot more options.


Ocean blue, for example, has been used throughout 2022 and will remain a great color for your new kitchen in 2023. It’s a strong feature color that’ll work great for a kitchen island. Besides this, we’ll also see more royal blue and baby blues.


Like blues, green is a great feature color worth using to complement everything else in your kitchen. Lighter green shades will work for a kitchen island, but also for the entire base cabinetry. It’s also a calming color, so it’ll help your new space achieve a welcoming feel.


More and more homeowners are starting to move away from whites, and heading towards more earthy tones like gray and beige.

Accents And Textures

Recent kitchens that we worked on included a lot of wood features. Hardwood cabinets, island, or a butcher block were some of the most requested upgrades our customers wanted. Timber brings a cozy and comfortable vibe to any space, so it makes sense to be gaining ground in homeowner’s new kitchens.

Combine the warm color of a timber cabinet with a simple backsplash pattern or with an off-white marble or quartz countertop. If you want to keep the wood features to a minimum, that’s fine too. Open shelves are subtle, so timber would really look great there.

Other Mixes

For faucets, cabinet handles and pulls, lighting, and other features, go for a color that’ll complement the others. In our opinion, what goes great with some timber cabinets and a quartz counter is hardware made of pewter, copper, or brushed brass. The burnt orange of these will resemble the look of the wood.

Green walls in a kitchen with white cabinets

Patterns And Boldness

If you’re looking to create a consistent vibe that appears seamless, there are two options you can opt-in for.

For your backsplash, a lot of our homeowners are choosing the same material as their countertop to create continuity. It’ll increase both the aesthetics of your kitchen and the functionality. A tile backsplash will be great if you’re looking to get a cool design, but might not be the easiest to maintain.


If you’re installing or refinishing your existing wooden flooring, you’ll need to keep in mind the floor’s color. The earthy tone will look great in most scenarios, but there are some cases where it can really break the entire vibe and make the floor seem like it’s from a different kitchen.

We recommend a hardwood floor with herringbone pattern for low traffic kitchens that serve more as the family’s gathering space. For a high-traffic kitchen, we’d recommend going for luxury vinyl planks, or if the budget is not an obstacle, tile flooring.

Go for a herringbone style natural wood floor if you want to stick with the cozy and comfortable vibe, but if you want the quality and performance of tile flooring, choose a subtle pattern.

Other Colors Worth Mentioning

In no particular order, here are some other colors that will work great in your remodeled kitchen. Of course, you’ll need some help to match everything properly, but with our in-house designer everything should go smooth and easy.

You can check the NKBA website to find more kitchen colors and how to properly match them to get different moods and vibes for your new space.


Black is the perfect color if you’re going for elegance, style, and an expensive look for your new kitchen. This color might not be as welcoming as a light blue or green, but it’ll make your new kitchen look and feel upscale.

In a black kitchen, you’ll need a second color that’ll complement the look. Think of white, off-white, or the natural color of timber. Black darkens the room, so you’ll either need a second paint color to light it up, or a lot of natural light.

Black accents in a kitchen counterspace


Gray tones are still a very popular option for new kitchens. It’s a great base color, it’s timeless, and one of the more elegant choices. Because gray is a neutral paint color, you’ll be able to pair it with pretty much anything else that you can think of.

Gray cabinets in a kitchen with pink walls


If you’re thinking of a warm color that’ll invite your guests in by itself, cream is the best choice by far. This light beige, when combined with another neutral color or a bold black, for example, will create the perfect balance in your kitchen color scheme.

Other golden tones, like a sunny yellow or red accent will create a bold statement, unmatched by the default settings in a kitchen. These work great with brick walls as it lessens the contrast, but if you want to create contrast, pair these colors with cream or a light gray.

Beige cabinets with silver appliances


So, if you’re getting ready for your kitchen remodel and you weren’t sure about the best kitchen color schemes for 2023, this is it!

In any case, the best color scheme for your kitchen is up to you and your preferences. Our in-house designer from MGS Contracting Services will help you out in determining what’s the best way to bring your vision to life.

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