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How To Pick The Best Northern Virginia Home Additions Company

When it’s time for a home project, choosing the right northern Virginia home addition company can take a lot of time, research, effort, and frustrations.

You might find a contractor that you really resonate with, but maybe his prices are a bit over the top, or you might find a cheap contractor but you simply don’t trust his craftsmanship.

When these conflicts appear, you need to know what to do so you don’t get stuck and give up on getting that new master suite or that new living space.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most common obstacles that will stop you from starting your project, and we’ll give you our professional advice on how to surpass them.

A living room addition in northern Virginia

1. The Home Addition Contractor Asks For Too Much

If you’re not familiar with the northern Virginia home additions costs, the first thing you’ll want to do is to go online and search what others paid for their project. Read some forums, browse through Angi’s or Houzz, or even ask people directly how much they paid for their renovation.

You’ll be surprised that most often, the actual cost is very similar to what your contractor is asking for. If it’s not, that’s a red flag and you should be careful about proceeding your process.

You can still do it, but make sure you’re asking for a detailed quote so you know how much he actually charges you for materials, labor, permits, or other fees.

The best way to understand the cost of a home addition is to just research and ask for several quotes.

Note: Choosing the most expensive home addition contractor is most often a no-go, but never go for the cheapest either. An extremely low price means either cutting corners, either low quality, neither of which you’ll want for your dream home.

2. Poor Communication With A Contractor

This happens very often, and for various reasons. Contractors are builders, not communication specialists. Many of them know the ins and outs of their work, but they just failed to develop their communication skills.

When this happens, you have three options.

A second story addition with tools spread all over the place

3. Good Price, Good Communication, But Bad Reviews

You’ll make mistakes no matter who you are. It’s part of life and part of learning. What matters most is how we face them.

The bad reviews might be real, and if the contractor is apologetic about it, it means he probably learnt something and the same mistake won’t happen again. If the contractor is defensive about it and saying it’s not his fault, that might be a red flag.

But what if the reviews are fake? This happens in every industry where the competition just wants to drag you down instead of playing fair.

What you can do to find the answers is to contact the contractor and ask him about the bad reviews. See how he reacts and then listen to your intuition. If you think he’s trustworthy, give it a shot.

4. You're Simply Not Sure If You Can Afford The Home Addition

Getting a home addition is a huge project that will increase the value of your home in many ways. It’s normal to worry about money, especially when we’re talking about getting a new space that’ll be part of your home for the rest of your life.

What matters the most is that you’ll recoup most of your investment!

Depending on the home addition that you’re planning to get, you can get your money back upon selling your property. And even if you’re not planning to sell it now, a home addition will make your home feel different, with an improved vibe and an entirely different atmosphere, perfect for a growing family or just to boost your property’s value.

Many companies also have financing options that can really help out if you don’t have a choice about renovating.

Contact our team at MGS Contracting Services to learn more about financing plans and what option is the best for you to feel financially safe even after getting a home addition.

A beautiful sunroom with plants and hardwood floor

Types Of Home Additions In Northern Virginia You Can Get

There’s a lot of home additions companies in northern VA, but not all of them offer the quality that you deserve.

Here at MGS, we’re focusing on home additions and kitchen and bath renovations. We’re experts in our craft and we work with tradesmen that know the Northern Virginia building codes inside out. You can check out our home addition offer right here.

You can get:


There are quite some obstacles when you’re about to work with a northern Virginia home addition company, or any other company for that matter.

However, all these obstacles have a solution, and as long as you really want your upgrade, nothing should be able to stop you.

Here at MGS, we’re making sure your experience with us is a pleasant journey. You’ll have a project manager that will answer your questions at all times during the project. We offer cost-effective solutions for every kind of budget, and we have different financing plans for homeowners that just need a little help.

Contact our team at (571) 577-9554 today and get your project started with the only local pros that can guarantee you a superior product that’ll last a lifetime. Request your free quote today and let’s get to work!