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5 Questions To Ask Your Contractor Before You Begin Remodeling

If you’re on the fence regarding a remodeling project, there must be a reason why.

Maybe it’s because of the total cost of your project, maybe you haven’t found a reliable contractor to work with, or maybe you’re just not entirely sure what you want to remodel and why.

You can ask a contractor several questions to help you in this endeavor. We’ll only discuss the most important 5 ones, but really, you should ask the contractor you’re about to hire anything that comes to your mind.

Let’s see the 5 questions to ask your contractor to get a smooth and stress-free remodel.

A kitchen remodel in progress

#1. How Will The Entire Remodel Go?

After so many years of working with homeowners to bring their vision to life, we now understand that the remodeling process is a big deal for everyone.

It’s only normal to want a stress-free experience with a crew that delivers quality work and leaves the site clean at the end of a work day. It saves you from inhaling lots of dust, stepping on materials, or stumbling over tools.

At MGS Contracting Services, we pride ourselves in offering a complete bathroom, kitchen, or home remodeling service. We take care of everything from top to bottom, so you won’t have to stress over anything.

We’ll even go the extra mile and get the building permits for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Here’s how things will go:

#2. Is This Remodeling Project Worth It?

While we don’t know from the get-go the reason you’re remodeling, we can surely tell you that it’s a worthwhile investment. Even if you’re planning to sell the place or live the rest of your life in this home, remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or the entire home brings immense value – both financial and intrinsic.

After we thoroughly discuss your needs and wants, we can tell you for certain if remodeling the kitchen, for example, is more advantageous than remodeling your master bathroom.

We won’t try to upsell any construction projects, but we’ll be truly honest regarding what your space truly needs. We have your best interests at heart.

A man figuring out his home additions cost in Ashburn and writing on paper

#3. How Much Will The Remodeling Project Cost?

This is a tough question to answer without knowing anything about you, your home, and your particular project. Here’s why.

In any case, we’ve got you covered! At MGS, we offer some of the most cost-effective solutions for all remodeling projects that you want to undertake. We’re reasonably priced, and the value we bring to your project is more than worth the cost!

#4. How Long Will My Remodel Take?

Depending on various factors, such as the size of your space, the materials you choose, the schedule we agree on, and others, your remodel can take anywhere from two weeks to a couple of months for a full home remodel.

While we finish most of our projects in two to three weeks, some other jobs take a lot more effort and go beyond this threshold.

We do our best to predict the time it’ll take to finish a renovation project, but sometimes, unexpected issues appear. Here are some of them:

A pool table in a basement

#5. Who's Going To Work In My Home?

All the people we work with are highly reliable partners that respect you, your home, and your investment. We’re all licensed, insured, and skilled in our trade, so you’ll get the highest standard of quality the market has to offer.

No matter where in northern Virginia you are, you’ll work with a team of professionals that are fully dedicated to seeing your vision through and delivering exceptional service.

I, Chris Chapman, the owner of MGS Contracting Services, will be on-site at every major step of the project. I’ll supervise my team, address your concerns, and I’ll even do some of the work myself. Rest assured, you’re in the hands of the best project manager around here!


These 5 questions to ask your contractor will open a lot of possibilities for your remodel.

An experienced contractor will answer all these questions professionally and with as little nonsense as possible and will earn your trust. From that point on, you have a solid general contractor that you can trust with a remodel.

At MGS Contracting Services, we put your needs and concerns at the forefront of what we do. We want you to fully enjoy the excitement of getting a home improvement, and we’ll make sure it happens.

We offer professional kitchen, bathroom, and whole home remodeling services for homeowners in Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling, and more of the northern Virginia area.

Get in touch today if you’re ready to work with the best remodeler in Leesburg, VA! Or call us at (571) 577-9554 to discuss your project!