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Professional vs DIY Shower Door Installation [10:07]

Homeowners everywhere struggle with dampness, mildew, and privacy issues when relying on shower curtains for bathroom enclosures. Hiring a professional to install shower doors can make all the difference in terms of safety, durability, aesthetics, and water tightness.

This post will discuss why hiring a professional for your shower door installation is important, as well as factors to consider before choosing one.

professional performing a shower door installation shower door replacement

Key Takeaways

The Importance of Professional Shower Door Installation

Professional installation of glass shower doors is critical, as it ensures the safety and proper functioning of the door, as well as providing a high-quality result.

Ensures Safety

Professional shower door installation is essential for guaranteeing the safety of your shower area. Improperly installed frames, fixed glass panels, and swinging doors can create a hazardous environment that puts users at risk of accidents or injury.

Professional technicians have received training to achieve professional standards in terms of security and stability when installing custom-made showers of all sizes. Moreover, they are aware of building codes and regulations regarding installing tubs or walk-in showers to ensure their installations meet all of them duly.

In addition, professionals use expert techniques such as the use of wall anchors, which improve anchorage and prevent them from becoming loose over time, resulting in an effective water sealant that doesn’t leak during use.

Delivers Higher Quality Results

Hiring a professional for shower door installation guarantees superior quality outcomes, unlike a DIY job. Licensed professionals have extensive experience and in-depth training and knowledge of the safety protocols necessary to ensure the doors are installed correctly.

Professional contractors also bring specialized tools needed to cut large or thick glass panels, precision-fit the frames and associated hardware, and drill holes into walls if needed.

A high-quality installation involves customizing each component, ensuring every angle is accounted for to create an aesthetically appealing and waterproof finish that meets all safety requirements without flaw.

Delivers Proper Water-Tight Installation

When it comes to shower door installations, maintaining the proper watertight seal is essential. Professional installers are trained and experienced in installing doors correctly and providing a safe and secure waterproof enclosure for your bathroom.

Poorly installed showers can lead to leaking, flooding, mold growth, and structural damage caused by rotting wood or weakened walls due to excess moisture accumulation.

Professionals use various types of caulking material, such as silicone or urethane beadings designed specifically for wet environments, to ensure that the edges surrounding glass panels create an effective seal against water leakage past the shower curtain.

They also use special epoxy adhesive ladders on metal tubs with exposed seams along with long-lasting hardware fixtures, which prevent any splitting across door tracks over time from heavy usage of opening and closing movements or alternatively suspend the wall panels with pressure equalization clips for any sliding wall systems, ensuring their longevity.

shower door sealing water out

Expertise In Large Or Heavy Shower Doors

Installing heavy shower doors that are large and intricate requires a high level of expertise. Such jobs are not suitable for DIY installation. Professional contractors have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right, from accurately measuring door dimensions to making sure any walls and surfaces near it will not be damaged in the process.

The professionals also know exactly which parts to use so that when all is said and done, everything fits perfectly for a secure seal at watertight edges—without leaks or potential safety hazards.

In addition to knowing what types of enclosures work well with specific bathroom sizes, trained glaziers can utilize their skillset when installing frameless glass shower doors made from heavy tempered glass so they fit tightly against other parts without causing stress on any components.

Compliance With Building Codes

Ensuring that a shower door installation is up to code must be taken seriously to ensure safety and accessibility. Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be specific requirements for clearances, width of doors, thickness of glass, electrical wiring, outward opening direction, and required height from the showerhead.

Additionally, tempered glass is often required as it improves safety by not easily breaking when impacted or heated. If these regulations are not followed, there can be issues with inspections concerning accessibility standards or liability concerns for accidents due to improper installations.

Homeowners should consult their local building codes beforehand and make sure they understand all relevant guidelines before installing any shower door. Working with professionals can help avoid costly mistakes brought on by failing to adhere to local regulations while also ensuring proper watertight seals, which increase the durability of the project overall.

The Benefits of Professional Shower Door Installation

As a homeowner, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each bathroom flooring option before making a decision. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons for some of the most popular choices:

Wall Protection And Privacy

Professional shower door installation offers an invaluable benefit for homeowners: protection for the walls and privacy of your bathroom. Shower curtains are usually very inadequate when it comes to containing water spray and maintaining anyone’s dignity while bathing.

Glass shower doors, on the other hand, maintain a barrier between you and random passers-by or roommates. Plus, due to being designed with heavy-duty frames and structural integrity components that support its stability, these glass doors have much less tendency to damage walls from water leaks than shower curtains do.

Furthermore, professional installation ensures that everything is secured in place correctly so no accidents happen during use. Additionally, some glass showers feature frosted or opaque panels, which won’t only help contain moisture but also allow sufficient personal space while still enjoying natural light coming through them!

Improved Aesthetics

Professional shower door installation can completely transform any bathroom space. From contemporary glass frameless designs to more traditional, paneled options, there’s a style to suit every aesthetic need.

A simple change from a curtain or plastic pull-down cover to an elegant sliding glass door will make the bath area look and feel more upscale and modern. Shower doors provide visibility that reveals previously hidden features like tilework or wall décor while also allowing for uninterrupted floor space in the bathing area during use—this design element can improve both the aesthetics of the bathroom as well as safety by minimizing potential trip hazards.

Additionally, including fixed glass panels around a frameless unit creates an enclosure with minimal hardware visible from the outside, which enhances visual flow throughout a room. With professional help, homeowners will be guaranteed beautiful bath spaces and safe and watertight installations.

Increased Durability and Longevity

Professional shower door installation requires specialized knowledge in order to create a strong, watertight seal. This leads to higher quality results and improved aesthetics overall, and it also ensures more durability with the finished product.

Professional installers use correct materials for increased longevity—such as tempered glass for superior strength and stability—and proper techniques, including drilling mounting supports into walls or installing wall anchors correctly.

They may also ensure that track screws are correctly installed to support large or heavy doors without issue. All of these factors contribute to a shower door installation that will last longer than one done by an inexperienced individual who doesn’t understand the necessary steps involved in the process.

In addition, professionals take extra precautions when drilling holes into tiles or bathroom floors; using better masonry bits instead of regular drill bits helps prevent damage down the road since steel bits often wear out quickly if used on ceramic tile surfaces.

Access To Tricks Of The Trade

Professional knowledge when it comes to shower door installation is essential for ensuring a long-lasting and efficient door. Professional installers understand how to select the right materials, measure accurately, and keep water where it belongs while following building codes.

Knowledgeable professionals are able to work around obstacles like electrical wirings or tile walls, as well as use specialized techniques such as wall anchors and bottom tracks when necessary.

Unlike DIY installations that require guesswork and a trial-by-error approach, which can lead to poor results, professional knowledge leads them directly towards the best solutions and quality of products in any given situation.

They know exactly what’s required—from accurate measurements for the shower opening, appropriate glass widths and thicknesses, properly drilling any holes needed for wall track, etc., providing homeowners with peace of mind when it comes to their bathroom upgrades or remodels.

Correcting Installation Problems As They Arise

A successful shower door installation often hinges on addressing any complications during the process. Professional installers are equipped with the expertise to recognize and correct various issues that may arise before they become even more serious or costly.

For example, if a panel isn’t fitted properly, or if it is an odd shape, this can quickly result in water damage to walls, the bathroom floor, and other building materials. On the contrary, professional installers know how to best compensate for unusual shapes and sizes of panels with accuracy.

All these prevention measures must be taken as soon as possible; not correcting potential problems can cause permanent damage and large expenses in renovating the bathroom space later on.


Professional shower door installation offers many benefits, including a perfect fit and seal, reduced water damage to the surrounding areas of your bathroom due to its exact measurements taken during installation, and a longer-lasting product lifespan compared to self-installation or improper margins caused by DIY installations.
Proper measurements are essential for successful professional shower door installations because they ensure that each portion of the frame fits snugly within the opening to reduce any risk of long-term leaking around or through it that may cause significant moisture damage and associated repairs.
Qualified professionals with experience installing high-quality products have trained extensively on best practices; they, therefore, use precise methods when taking measurements and accurately mounting frames at their required angles – all factors that help preserve your investment in new hardware while guaranteeing long-term performance from them as well.
When choosing a qualified installer, you want one who is not only certified but also experienced with professionally installing similar types of showers across multiple homes besides yours. This will give you added confidence, knowing that faultless results were promised and achieved without facing large unwanted repair bills later down the road.

Conclusion And Recommendation

When you work with MSG Contracting Services, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We’ll tackle all things related to bathroom remodeling, installing everything from swing to sliding glass shower doors in the process. Call us at (571) 577-9554 or fill out the contact form so we can talk more about how you want your future shower to look.